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           Welcome to Von Chavis Rottweilers

 We are a Michigan Rottweilers  breeder located in Southeast Michigan.

 The rottweiler has been part of the family Since 1994.
We truly love and cherish our dogs.
Our dogs are of strong, healthy German & other European blood lines.

 Our breeding program is base on health, temperment,  conformation and working ability.
Our blood lines are famous throughout the world.

All of our breeding stock is certified through the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) or German equivalent.
 We follow  FCI  standards we do NOT dock tails on our puppies

If you have any questions about our dog or litters call us or E-mail.

Thank you Shawn Chavis.

New Family Member
Ava Von Chavis

Ava Von Chavis

Phone: 248-535-8792

e-mail: Seanc5678@comcast.net

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